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(Leopardus wiedii glaucula)
sign A United States endangered species, overall in the wild listed as Least Concern. Margays resemble a young ocelot. While still possible to find their pelts on the black market, they are no longer trapped in large numbers for the commercial fur trade, and the 4,000,000 square kilometer Amazon basin rainforests provide a substantial refuge buffering against losses due to deforestation elsewhere. Agile climbers with flexible ankles - check out Maggie on a limb - they can climb down a tree head-first like a squirrel.
Margays at EFBC/FCC
Female, born 5 March 1995, arrived here from Baton Rouge Zoo in September 1995. Handraised, she's still friendly with some of the volunteers today. More Photos:
October 2011
Apr 04
Mar 03
In the Sun
Big Eyes
Yum, Mouse!
Upside Down
Hanging by Ankles

Video/sounds of our Margays