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Meet the Cats!
(Leopardus wiedii glaucula)

Classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List, Margays are native to Central and South America. They resemble and are often mistaken for a young ocelot. They are characterized by their large eyes, short head, long legs and tail. Primarily nocturnal and soliarty, these felines are tree dwellers (arboreal). They have special adaptations; they are one of two cat species that has the ankle flexibility to climb head-first down a tree. Their diet primarily consists of small mammals, birds, amphibian, and monkeys. While still possible to find  their pelts on the black market, they are no longer trapped in large  numbers for the commercial fur trade, and the 4,000,000 square kilometer  Amazon basin rainforests provide a substantial refuge buffering against  losses due to deforestation elsewhere.

Sex: Female
Born: March 5 1995
Arrived at EFBC: September 1995 from Baton Rouge Zoo
Fun Fact:
Favorite Enrichment: goldfish, steak, corrugated cardboard, paper lawn bags
Wishlist item: Cat Scratcher Bed

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