Cat House

Project List

  • Public Restroom: our antiquated public restroom needs to be replaced. We also need to replace and upgrade the septic tank. Estimated cost: $75,000
  • Museum/Education Center: Someday we would like to have a natural history museum dedicated to cats, as well as an education center. Costs not estimated but will be over $1,000,000
  • Wind Power (or solar, or bloom boxes): our electric bills are huge, we would like to install two wind turbines and associated equipment. Estimated cost: $350,000 (will pay for itself in 7 years)
  • Intern Dormitory: We have many students, both from the US and abroad, that want to come spend a semester here as interns. We only have housing for 2 at a time, sharing a room and bathroom in the keeper's office trailer. We want to build a dormitory with individual bedrooms and shared bath/kitchen/living area that would allow us to accept many more interns. Estimated cost: $100,000
  • New Habitat Style Cage: replace a chain link cage with a modern landscaped enclosure. Estimated cost: $80,000

    Anyone or any company who would like to underwrite one (or part of one) of our improvement projects, please contact us today! (661) 256-3793 or email cathouse@qnet.com

    aerial photo
    Aerial photo of compound, early 2006. Project Tiger construction site on the left.

    Yearly Updates

    2012: Much time and effort went into finally finishing Project Tiger! We also received a Healey foundation grant to redo the clinic entry, including new veterinary hospital style small cat recovery cages and storage cabinets.

    2011: Public Area Improvements: We have replaced our worn out benches, picnic tables, and trashcans with new commercial grade products. They look great and will last a long time. The following support was received to help us accomplish this goal: The Karlson Foundation $5000, Mary Marlowe $1600, Kim Blaquera $1000, Roxana Gerns $1000, Diamond Jim's Casino "in Memory of Bob Burgum" $2000.

    In addition, a very generous unrestricted donation of $25,000 was received from the Michael Piuze Foundation. With Michael's help, we were able to finally trim, shape and treat all of our trees in the exhibit and lawn area. This has never been done since they were planted back in 1995. We were also able to purchase all the steel needed to replace the chain link safety fencing in the exhibit area and put in new railing. Mary Marlowe also contributed to finishing the safety railing. We also used some of the Piuze money to install a new heating & air conditioning system in the gift shop.

    Our cages also continue to receive new shade tarps as quickly as we can get them custom built, thanks to a grant received previously from the Healey Foundation.

    2010: new walk-in freezer in use! Late 2009 work began on a new HUGE walk-in freezer adjacent to the new Dietary Preparation Center. The old walk-in was on the other side of the compound and due to its small size we were limited in our choice of chicken companies, as we did not meet the minimum order size for delivery. Joe had to pick up the pieces and drive them from Wisconsin to California, and a new slab, roof, and loading dock were constructed as well.

    We also repaired the sidewalks in the public area - poplar trees are pretty but have nasty roots! In addition, we completely refurbished each enclosure in the upper exhibit area - new den boxes, paint, dirt.

    2009 started with new colorful signs telling people where to turn. Spring 2009 saw the tear-down of half of the "main", our oldest cages, and work on replacement cages was completed mid-year. 6 new leopard cages are being put to use.

    2008 saw the addition of a desert landscaped entryway and perimeter bushes, as well as a building for our main generator and new exhibit signs.

    We added grass and trees to the central area of the compound, which will add shade and help keep temperatures down in our hot summers.
    New grassy area

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