Cat House

Fishing Cats
(Prionailurus viverrinus)
sign Now considered Endangered. Native to riverbanks from India through Southeast Asia, these cats love to fish. At Twilight Tours we put live goldfish in the ponds for them to practice their fishing skills. They have partially webbed paws, and a double layer of fur so when they go in the water they don't get wet down to the skin. They don't have full claw sheaths (similar to the cheetah) so their claws are partially visible even when retracted. Although they have a substantial range in tropical Asia (over 1 million square kilometers), its actual area of occupancy is much smaller as it is strongly associated with wetlands. Water pollution and forest clearance for settlement threaten the species through much of its range. Deforestation rates in tropical Asia's wetlands are quite high, resulting in similar decline among the fishing cat populations.
Fishing Cats at EFBC/FCC
Female, born 15 April 2008, arrived here May 2010. Paired with Chimlin, parents of Otis. More photos:
Arrivals 2010
Male, born here 7 July 2011 to Kai and Nemo, along with two sisters. More photos:
Births 2011
Male, born here 14 September 2013 to Kai and Nemo, along with two brothers and a sister. More photos:
Births 2013
Daughter of Tamara and Tamil, born here 31 July 2008. Tamara does not take care of her cubs so she was handraised. More photos:
Births 2008
Daughter of Kai and Nemo, born here 21 September 2014. More photos:
Births 2014
Son of April and Chimlin, born here 24 July 2014. More photos:
Births 2014
Daughter of MyLai and Bandit, born here 27 February 2005. MyLai, a first time mother, did not keep the 4 cubs warm in the cold wind so we pulled them, but 3 did not make it. More photos:
Births 2005

Video/sounds of our Fishing cats