Cat House

(Leopardus pardalis)
sign Overall listed as Least Concern, with the Texas subspecies as Data Deficient. In Texas it is estimated up to 100 may survive in the protected forest regions around the Rio Grande. They are a United States endangered species, making trade in the animals illegal without permits, and importing their pelts is banned. Similar to the jaguar, they are still numerous in the Amazon basin, and declining in the rest of their range throughout Central and South America. Between 1980 and 1984 the number of pelts on the world fur market declined from over 30,000 to 4,000. Their populations are affected by habitat destruction, hunting for their pelts, and the black market pet trade. In the 1960's they were popular as housepets, many of which were captured as wild cubs when the poachers killed the mothers. For many years we were home to a remarkable ocelot, Peaches. Some wild ocelot pictures can be found on this page.
Ocelots at EFBC/FCC
Male, born 19 May 2003, arrived here in June 2003. More Photos:
Arrivals 2003

Video/sounds of our ocelots