Cat House

Clouded Leopard
(Neofelis nebulosa)
sign The smallest "big" cat, only 30-50 pounds full-grown. A tree-dweller, they have short legs, big feet, and long tails, to help their balance and climbing skills. Listed as Vulnerable in the wild, they have a wide range in tropical Asia, but are threatened by high rates of deforestation and continued hunting for their pelts. They get their name from their unusual pattern of spots. They also have the longest canine teeth relative to body size of any cat. Difficult to breed in captivity, partly because the male often accidentally kills the female while breeding.

One of my favorite cats was a clouded named Hobbes, who was sent to Japan in 1999 for breeding with a female there. Some of my favorite photos are those I took of Hobbes - standing, profile, on log, teeth, face on
Clouded Leopard at EFBC/FCC
Female, arrived here April 29 2012 at 1 year old from a facility in Kansas. More Photos:
Arrivals 12